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At Klymit, we care about minimizing waste while accomplishing our mission of getting as many people as possible outside enjoying time with friends and family. Sustainability and protecting the great outdoors is important to us which is why we are constantly searching for new ways to make our environmental footprint smaller.

Blue Sign Approved Fabric

Our new Static V Lite Eco and Insulated Static V Lite Eco both feature BlueSign Approved fabric. BlueSign Approved fabric is produced with a minimum impact on people and the environment and is made from approved chemical products and raw materials. The result: a safer, more sustainable production process.

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New Packaging

Our new packaging consists of cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable. Additionally, we’re committed to eliminating 85% of plastic poly bags from our products to reduce unnecessary waste.

Green Guru Partnership

Born in 2005, Green Guru uses old gear that would otherwise end up in landfills to create new adventure gear. For our Joyride 24L Roll Top Backpack, we’ve partnered with Green Guru to upcycle old Klymit products to create rad Klymit branded packs.

Responsibly Sourced Down

Our down sleeping bags feature DOWNLITE. DOWNLITE was the first responsibly sourced down supplier in the world and is a current, active stakeholder in the down standard process.

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Warranty and Repairs

At Klymit, we are committed to the highest level of materials and workmanship. We stand behind our products with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on our sleeping pads and inflatable products and a 2-Year Guarantee on all other Klymit products. To reduce waste, all products covered under Klymit’s warranty will be repaired free of charge.